Earrings "My opposites"

Earrings "My opposites"


This earrings are the symbol of ancient signs- man’s and woman’s energies. If you’ll look closer, you’ll notice, that the main crystals have opposite shapes- one looks like an arrow UP “^” and another one is an arrow DOWN “v”. This is the difference between man in woman- we are simply opposite and often get energy from opposite directions- men- from the space and down to the body vvv ; and women- up in the body from the Earth ^^^.And everyone have both sides in personality- man’s traits of character and female manifestations, whatever gender we have.

You don’t need to belive in all that to just like this earrings, enjoying the beauty and finding the pieces that resonate with you- this really metters!

Top quality crystals and beads. natural pearls.

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