Earrings and brooch "Space"

Earrings and brooch "Space"

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Today I was brave enough to start new collection in my shop calls “ I AM UNIVERSE” and this is my first item for this collection. Not my style, not my colors, that’s why I was thinking hard to show or not to show at all this pieces to the world..
“I AM UNIVERSE” will be about endless galaxy of the each human soul, about sparkles of God in us, about planets and stars that we are connected with.
My plan was to start making creations for this collection in winter, but they began to appear in my imagination earlier.

Earrings and brooch of bright-pearl color about space and time, about how sparkly unreal the universe… 
Very shiny, just impossible to show it on photos, only their beautiful owner will be able enjoy all the pallet.

Feels like we are all from different planets of unreal colors, but met on the Earth to play this life together...

One of a kind, no repeats.

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